Yuchao Han

MA Flim Practise

Full name:Yuchao Han

Course: Film Practise


Hello everyone. My name is Yuchao Han and I am an MA Film Practice student at NTU studying to be a director. My research topic is how to use music in film. I believe that people who watch film and have no training in film, will be aware of the use of lighting and dialogue to show the character’s thoughts and emotions but not music. Yet music can play an indispensable role in the film it allows direct illustration of the character’s emotion and thoughts which could not be conveyed simply through pictures and spoken language. It can also be a powerful way to convey to the audience the underlying ideas and themes of a film. It is a wide ranging project that is important to me because I want to gain a deep understanding of how music and film work together. I believe I can gain a lot of knowledge which will help me after my postgraduate course.

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