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Revitalising the Scouts

The Scouts association is the largest mixed youth organisation in the world, but their exact aim gets lost in all the different visual translations. In the early 20th century visual identities had no priority. Over the years every country has created its own visual identity for its Scouts Movement. Something they all have in common are two symbols; the French lily and the trefoil. Because the organisation is depending on volunteers some of the visual identities are well designed, but some others look like they were created in Lord Baden Powell’s years.

The exhibition at NTU MASTERED Exhibition shows a possible solution for a global rebranding of the Scouts Movement anno 2016. This project is a big challenge, it’s about is creating a identity that fits together nicely but also allows the national and local Scout Groups to express themselves. As you will see, maps are important and dynamic elements that have been used in the design for the rebranding.

Curious to see how I cooped with the historic values, different cultures, local expressions and what the final branding looks and how it works? Come to the NTU MASTERED Exhibition in Nottingham’s Bonington Gallery to check it out.

Mies Tazelaar
The Netherlands



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