Jiaming Liu

MA Puppetry and Digital Animation

Full Name: Jiaming Liu

Course: MA Puppetry and Digital Animation

Professional email or contact info: jiaming.liu2014@my.ntu.ac.uk steamljm19@outlook.com

Phone number: +44 07497 002231

Website/Social links: In following order: http://liujiamign20150916.blogspot.co.uk/

Project: Explore enhancing the appeal of a character through the balance of realism and ‘cute’ appearance.

Generally my research is about the cute characters in animation. I focus on the appearance and behaviour of a character. Firstly, what is ‘cute’? Cute is defined in the Cambridge Online Dictionary, “(especially of something of someone small or young) as pleasant and attractive”. Dictionary.com states that cute is defined as “1. Attractive, especially in a dainty way; 2. Appealing and delightful; charming…”. Therefore, cuteness is a kind of appeal. I’ve compared many different cute characters and in particular the cute elements of appearance, big watery eyes, curves and all with exaggeration. People cannot say some movement is cute, however, they can say some movement appeals more than others. I think there are three ways that might enhance a characters movement and make them more appealing: (1) follow the 12 animation principles (2) understand the difference between an actors performance and an animated character’s performance (3) understand body language. However, my research questionnaire shows that more than half of the people think that a character is more appealing if in the story they are portrayed with attractive personality traits. To sum up, there are many cute elements, which could enhance a character’s charm and these include: big watery eyes, curves and all with exaggeration.


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