Yixuan Liu

MA Film Practise

Full Name: Yixuan Liu (Shirley)

Course Title: Film Pratice

Project Title: Dream Binoculars E-mail: liuyixuan127@gmail.com

Phone Number: 07421899982

Description: Hello everyone, my work is focused on the role of a producer. I have written a script and produced a short fantasy film called “Dream Binoculars” which tells a story about James, a wealthy man who is suffering from heart disease and has limited life expectancy. One day James finds some magic binoculars in an antique shop. The binoculars allow him to see into the past and the future. These magical visions help James understand that a life dedicated to working so hard to make money is making him ill. He comes to understand that his childhood dreams are worth much more than his current wealth.

Everyone had wonderful childhood dreams, but when we grow up, these can get lost on the way. If there really were magic binoculars that allowed you to see anything you wanted, what would you want to see? Lovers? Friends? Childhood?

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