Qingzi Li


Full name: Qingzi Li

Course: Film Practise

Contact details:

Email: sjliqingzi@gmail.com

Website: zoey0814@wordpress.com

I am a student of Film Practice and I make a short film as my final project. This story is based on a true story of a woman with multi-personalities. I chose this project because I found it very interesting and challenging. My research has been focused on adaptation and the true story this film is based is about a blind woman who could ‘see’ when inhabiting one of her multiple personalities. The challenge of this film was how to show the personality changes so the use of colour correction and editing to fit the background and environment of the story were important challenges for me to overcome.

After graduation I aim to work as a Producer or Scriptwriter in a film industry back in China. I always have many ideas about different stories and I really hope to write incredible scripts and make them into films to make people feel satisfied and happy.


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