Yuchen Chen

MA Graphic Design

Greeting cards act as extremely important medium to express private emotion.but the traditional greeting card is not very popular in the younger age groups. because nowadays the social media development, there have a lot of way to communicate emotions.

My design idea is to re-design an interactive set of greeting cards to attract young customers.

The greeting cards that positive message and art that appear after viewers make some acts

I want to the message and art on the card just could appear under a special situation.

I think it can be fun and fashionable, it also has the potential to be playful and convey a smile. The design could offer a visual representation of changes in viewers’ behavior, and I hope this change can improve viewer’s enthusiasm for this design. it could giving viewers a more satisfying visual experience.

It can become even more an extension of the viewers’ personality creating the potential for emotionally-engaged and emotionally-satisfying interaction.

This project builds on that “humanity” extending the concept by providing a means of friendly interaction.

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