Xin Yue

MA Graphic Design

Hello! My name is YUE Xin, I come from Beijing and I am doing master degree in Nottingham Trent University, major in Branding and Identity Design. NTU have a long history, the beautiful campus sceneries provide me an excellent study environment. I am a very enthusiastic person. Always I am interested in graphic design and riding motorcycle.

My MA project is “A Ride 4 Life”. Actually, it is a charity motorcycle run which aims to raise funds for animal welfare charity. Because there are more than 100,000 stray dogs in the UK, over 5,000 stray dogs have already been put to sleep in 2015. The stray animal has always been a problem in the UK. So I hope this charity ride could help those animal welfare charity and raise the awareness of animal protection. This ride event is open to all kinds of motorbike riders in UK, and it encourages that riders take their pet to join this charity run. This not only could spreads the special friendship between motorcycle rides and their pets, but also could be a very fun ride!

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