Wenjia Zuo

MA Graphic Design

Hi, my name is WENJIA ZUO and I am a graphic design from China. I like painting since I was a child. This interest leads me want learn more professional design skill. Therefore, I decided to study for the advance education in the United Kingdom when I graduate from university.

Well, I am so glad to study my MA graphic design in the Nottingham Trent University. I prefer to information design. This area is quite funny, I need manage a number of information and using the simple way to convey to people. Moreover, I enjoy the processes of creating that let me meeting different problems and fix them. Especially, I get pleasure and fulfillment form creative process.

During my MA period, I found my role model and learning aim that is creating a lot of interesting and lovely picture book for children just like Marta altés. So, my MA project is creating a children’s picture book about autistic children and using a story about autistic children to show what kind of world autistic children see and why autistic children have unusual behaviours.

All in all, I am really like to share my project to my audience and hope they like it:).

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