Shuai Cheng

MA Graphic Design

Project: Book design(folk story)

Originally want to write a book about tradition, the purpose is to let students can better understand the tradition of the country. But as to show understanding, let I found behind every program has a lot of interesting stories and folklore. It is these stories and legends to enrich the holiday, let festival can spread, and the story is also the reason why we keep these programs. So I decided to after knowing these story background, adding more new elements to show these programs.

Holiday choice mainly is the traditional festival and some popular festival. Performance forms will be collected from the folk tale primarily, plus some personal creation makes the story more innovative. Will plus holiday illustrations in the book, illustrated with traditional story as originally created again.

In the exhibition, the exhibition will revolve around these stories will I again creation festival theme layout. Surrounding the content on the poster and the background of the scene. Through the adaptation of the festival story let people interested in the traditional festival to, let everybody can go independent insight into these stories. Will also invite you to share their understanding of folk stories, make the tradition in the modern society better able to continue.

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