Julie Aaland

MA Branding and Identity

Project Title: Branding Ugly

Born and raised on the cold West Coast of Norway, Julie grew up surrounded by towering fjords and snowcapped mountains. At 19 her passion for design led her to Denmark, where she got her BA degree in Design and Business. After four years in Denmark she moved across the pond on a quest for new cultural experiences and an MA in Branding and Identity Design. She believes sustainable and conscious design, and is in love with everything simple, natural and imperfect.

The Ugly Veggie
About 1 in 5 fruit and vegetables grown today don’t fit the strict cosmetic standards common in the food industry. These imperfect veggies usually go to waste. Reasons for produce being classified as “ugly” are: wrong size, wrong colour, wrong shape. This is not just a waste of food, it’s an environmental issue and economic disaster for the producers.

UGLY Veg is a new food concept that focus on surplus and ugly produce to create authentic food experiences aimed at sustainability and health conscious millennials.
Ugly Veg vision is to reduce food waste, support struggling farmers, and, in the bigger picture, to promote the beauty of imperfect produce.
The idea behind Ugly Veg emerged in an era where food waste, healthy niche diets and imperfect beauty is on trend. The brand stands out as a purist-rebel in the health category with a real and unapologetic approach.

This project includes development of Visual Identity and design for production and media. See more at www.julieaaland.com

Linkedin: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/julieaaland
E-Mail: aaland.julie@gmail.com

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