Haiyan Lang

MA Graphic Design

Hello, I am Haiyan Lang, a student from Nottingham Trent University, and my major is graphic design. I’d like to introduce my MA project: Fashion and Environment-friendly bamboo products.

Nowadays, more and more people are aware of the importance of protecting natural environment. It is time to provide an environmental-friendly purchasing way for people, and bamboo is a good carrier to combine sustainable and fashion life style.

Bamboo is a natural material, its growth rate is much faster than wood, and requires 1/3 the amount of water to grow that cotton uses, and because it has no natural pests, there is no need for pesticide. Thus, bamboo is a useful renewable resource. Besides, the most important point is that the waste of bamboo is easier to be deposed. Scrap bamboo will transform into bamboo charcoal by a series of disposal. And some scientific researches shows that bamboo charcoal can purify water and air, control humidity and be powerful deodorizer.

Bamboo has its own culture (deep meditation & clean design aesthetic), it also can be shipped by unique craft.

My MA Project is a set of brand promotion plan. This project include brand identity, environment-friendly packaging, brand book and other application of the brand identity.

There is a wide range of bamboo products. For this brand and its concept, main products should be housewares, home stationary and bags which can replace the wooden or plastic items. Based on the culture of bamboo, bamboo products could be manufactured in a fashion way, by unique craft or its shape. And the product range can also cover some specialty bamboo products, such as bamboo fiber clothes and crafts with bamboo charcoal bags inside.

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