Cheng Peng

MA Graphic Design

My name is Cheng Peng, I come from China and I study in graphic design. I like drawing by my hand. Watercolor is the most material I used in my illustrations. I really like watercolor that I can mix up beautiful colors together. My dream is becoming a illustrator, drawing some illustrations of picture books by my personal art style for children. So my post graduate project is also doing a picture book. Hope you enjoy my work.

Apart from drawing, my biggest passions are traveling and photography. Because I can see different sightseeing and feel different emotions from the place, and also I can take photos to record that feeling and interesting things, that is enjoyable. Moreover, sometimes you can use different angles to shoot something you see, so they are not same with others, that is interesting.

Comparing with talking, I prefer to be a listener, which makes me more comfortable. When my friend have several setback, I am happy to listen their problems and cheer up them.

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