Erotokritos Papis

MA Illustration

As many of you know the population of bees have been decreasing significantly and many organizations have been trying to support the repopulation of these tiny hard working soldiers that help our world in more way than we think. The truth is that a large amount of our food is being pollinated by bees and with their extinction our food chain will collapse. We ,the adults ,have tried many ways to help from fundraising to installing beehives in the cities and many other ways. But what we haven’t done is actually educate the younger generations about the importance of bees.

By writing and illustrating a children’s book I hope I can through a fun narrative and whimsical characters teach our younger generations that even the smallest insect , even if it looks unimportant and for some scary plays a huge part in our ecosystem. The story is about a little girl, Lilly and her magical adventure to the tiny world of bees alongside her bee tour guides ,Honey and Buzzy.

So want to learn more about the magical world the bees live in? Just Come to the NTU MASTERED Exhibition in Nottingham’s Bonington Gallery to check it out. And remember even a tiny bee can help the world become a better place.

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