Yannick Aimé Ferreira Taillebois

MA Visual Communication & Design RP PT


Name: Yannick Aimé Ferreira Taillebois

Course: MA Branding & Identity Design RP PT (Visual Communication)
After graduating in Brazil on Graphic Design and working for eight years in branding companies and as a freelancer, I decided to improve my knowledge and professional work by exploring the concept of Sensorial Branding. Due to this, my project research focuses on the investigation of senses to understand how they can affect brand decision and influence brand loyalty through the creation of a beer brand for the female audience. By researching the market and interviews with drinkers and non-drinkers of ales, I can have an idea of the product demand growth and understand how the breweries work to attract more consumers, approach new possible consumers and what strategy they use to make that the growing number of female beer drinkers choose their products. Professionals like Martin Lindstorm, Marc Gobé, Donald A. Norman, Nigel Hollis and other researchers, defend the concept of Sensory Branding and affirm that it is a key for a change in how we develop brands and identity design. By implementing different sensorial elements in the development of an identity for the beer brand, I intend to analyse the behaviour of consumers, apply sensorial experimentation and influence on Brand Loyalty.



Professional email or contact info: taillebois.design@gmail.com / ytaillebois@gmail.com

Website links: www.behance.net/ytaillebois

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