Patrick Milsom

MA Visual Arts RP PT


Patrick Milsom

MA Fine Art by Registered project



This project has been an exploration of the genesis and life of a drawing, mapping the multiplicity of events in the time line of the artwork as it transitions from the intellectual into physical and back again. What is presented is the proposition that drawing is not just a physical thing but an experience of contemplation and mindfulness, a way of grasping lived experience in the moment and reflecting on the emergent outcome.

By engaging strict parameters to the process there is a restriction of overt expression, presenting the simple physicality of the craft, exposing the very human aspect of chance and unpredictability that reveals itself in the mechanical repetitious action.

By illuminating the whole truth of the process, what is observed is focused on its actuality, allowing illusions to occur naturally, thus inviting the observer’s freedom to interpretation, where the ordinary may become the extraordinary.





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