Maria Laura Wandavi

MA Fashion Knitwear by RP PT

Maria Laura Wandavi

MA Fashion Knitwear Design  by Registered Project

Project title: The Kool Dudes

The Kool Dudes collection is aimed at the Scandinavian/Northern European men’s knitwear market. It draws on a number of influences, notably the Swedish concept of understatement (Jante) and On the Road, Kerouac’s testament of the beat generation. Visual research has drawn on the landscapes of Norwegian artist, Peder Balke, minimalism, the styling of David Bowie, the natural environment – especially fauna and flora as sources for colours and textures, and the way tattoos follow the contours of the body. I have combined these diverse influences to produce a collection of samples that have been developed on Purl, Dubieds, Stoll, and Shima knitting machines.

I have used my blog ( to evaluate the contemporary men’s knitwear market and to capture inspiring visuals. I’m excited by fashion that is simple and elegant, and Kool Dudes is a stylish collection of garments made using high quality yarns with subtle knitted details. Less is more!

As a designer, I had created my own practice to celebrate quality knitwear for women ( in 2009. I came to Nottingham Trent University as I wanted to expand my skills and knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of men’s fashion knitwear design.

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Thank you to my Extraordinary Sponsors Loro Piana and Manifattura Sesia, as their generous contribution of yarns and huge support made my work possible.

Thank you to John Smedley and the Archive at John Smedley, and particularly to Jane Middleton-Smith for her precious time and contribution towards my design research.

Thank you to all the Staff Members and Technicians at Nottingham Trent University for the support throughout my Master, I would not be here right now displaying my work if it had not been for all of you.

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