Kristina Berry

MA Textile Design Innovation RP PT


Kristina Berry

MA Textile Innovation by Registered Project

Project title: Green Alchemy



My Textile Art uses local natural sustainable products and raw materials and explores the interaction between substances.

My intension is to create a body of work, exhibit to a wider audience and to develop further after completing my MA.

Creating new and exciting organic surfaces by building a memory or an impression by interaction and surface contact.

My work explores natural imperfections, discolouration and deterioration.


This is a collection of pieces that examine our relationship with cloth and how we respond to visual and tactile qualities.


Producing cloths that express a value evoke feeling, emotion or empathy.


I am interested in the life of cloth with its vulnerability, fragility and instability and damage caused by wearing, touching, handling, extensive contact and interaction.

Textiles play a major part in our lives and hold a special significance, articles such as christening gowns, embroideries and quilts are treasured for their intrinsic, sentimental, artistic and historic value.

My practice explores themes of identity, personal connections, treasured belongings and mementos with special significance, associations or memories.


Textiles also lose their bloom, fade and rot more quickly than other materials, this is why I find them so fascinating, with their transient qualities, and light irreversibly weakens fibres and fades dyes, the ravages of time add interesting physical characteristics, which I investigate in my work.




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