Jillian Lewis

MA Visual Arts RP PT


Jillian C Lewis

MA Fine Art by Registered Project

Project title: Industrial Decay, Memory and Identity


Memory, as a feature of identity, is the focus of my work in sculpture and installation. It is explored through the theme of industrial decay where industrial objects, in a state of deterioration and neglect, form the tangible motifs which connect present with the past on the space, time continuum.

Connection with former times gives significance and meaning to who we are and the orientation we hold within our culture and society. The shared memories of our industrial past give resonance and coherence to our lives.

These themes are fundamental to my work and, as a consequence, the question of how visual art tells stories is of particular interest. To support my investigations I look to the work of contemporary artists such as Tracey Emin and Louis Bourgeois where narrative is used as the tool rather than the meaning. It is the mediator rather than the resolution.

Relics of industry form the constituent parts of my work where artefacts no longer have a useful purpose, are abandoned and rejected as obsolete, these are reconfigured in my sculptures.



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