Jayne Woodward

MA Visual Communication & Design RP PT


Jayne Woodward

MA Motion Graphics  by Registered Project

Project Title: ‘Ey Up Mi Duck’


I am a mature ‘student’, working in full-time employment as a graphic designer. My career has spanned over twenty-five years. Throughout this time, I have seen many changes in the way graphic design is created.

My career started out working on a drawing board, producing hand drawn visuals and ‘pasting up’ artwork, prior to the introduction of Apple Macs. The work was produced primarily for print, both for small companies and major brands (Nivea, Samsung, Thornton’s to name a few!). There has been a major shift in design for print to digital design. As a result, I am producing much more work digitally. This prompted me to pursue an MA in Motion Graphics. I saw this as a challenge and an opportunity to create a personal project and to develop my skills further for industry.


‘Ey Up Mi Duck’ is a visual expression of local dialect through motion graphics:

Exploring the dialect of Ilkeston and the Erewash Valley.

This explores how spoken local dialect can be represented visually, mainly using Adobe After Effects to assemble the project. My inspiration is taken from the love I have for the area I grew up in, its industry and people. It includes voices of local people and visual imagery of the area.


Contact details:

Email: jaynewoodward@live.co.uk

Phone: 07927 646176

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