Ferdinando Santagata

MA Photography RP PT


Ferdinando Santagata

MA Photography by Registered Project

Project title: ‘DHR Store’






My work originally came as a furious response to unwanted furniture being abandoned on the pavements in the streets near where I live. This fuelled a bitter retort by posting photos of said “atrocities” and posted them on my ‘Facebook’ page. However I changed my mind when I saw two women taking away an abandoned bed on a shopping trolley. I then began to wonder that this can be a positive thing, in the sense that this is recycling on a basic level, even though this way may not be socially accepted. It evolved into my project ‘DHR’ which is short for Dairy House Road, my street. I began to realise that there was an important secondhand value in the discarded and somehow, was homage to the UK home furniture companies like MFI and DFS.


My role as the photographer is to document things others walk past and show them another world, this world, is one of the mundane. I show the beauty in the brutality of abandoned furniture. The act of dumping items in the streets is socially unacceptable but, visually different with its shapes, colours and geometrical shapes which I display for others to savor.





Contact details: Email: ferdinando.santagata@me.com

Website: http://ferdinandosantagata.wix.com/industrious-lux

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