Claire Lee

MA Visual Arts RP PT


Claire Lee

MA in Fine Art by Registered Project



I embrace the disorientation of uncertainty as I work intuitively, suspending myself in the liminal space between conception and birth of my sculpture.  Different materials provide different narratives, but the engagement of my body is crucial, and I use it in different ways to draw out my ideas.  In focusing on my body, I am also contemplating the way the viewer connects with the work and their own body, the immediate sensation, empathy and reflection.


Wire, which I weld or weave, wrap and unravel usually finds its way into most of my work, creating between us invisible bodies, bodies within bodies, disembodied, intangible, fleeting thoughts, limbs reaching and resonating.  By combining different materials and processes, I can explore concepts such as prosthesis, boundaries and in-betweeness.  My installations attempt to forge new connections by pushing me, and the viewer, into those disconnected, transitional spaces that transport us towards new perspectives.






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