Tong Zhang

MA Photography


Past and present:Gender Status

Tong’s project is about feminist self-portraits with exploring differences between oriental and western women in social status as the theme.

The project mainly focuses on the comparison and contrast of oriental and western women, the old society and the new society. The shooting methods can be divided into three types: Playing the part of celebrities, self-expression and regional culture. As an international student, Tong hopes to make oriental feminist culture known to more people through her works based on her experience and study overseas and the thoughts of western women she comprehends deep down inside.

The series of photos are taken from the same angle. There is a large space left above the top of the heads of the characters. This not only endows the photos with a sense of space, but more importantly, Tong hopes to express that there is a large space for women to improve their social status and pursue freedom in the future.



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