Richard Emslie

MFA Fine Art

Richard is interested in the notion of “self”, with the big question being “What is self?”

He is interested in the space we occupy, both physically and mentally, and is trying to understand his own thought processes concerning this through his practice. He is increasingly interested in duality and issues around addiction and mental health – how someone or something can appear to be one thing but also be something else. Often using found objects that are re-used, re-cycled and re-purposed, Richard’s method is deeply rooted in the process of making. His aim is to show work that contains balance between order and disorder, between control and freedom; that shows the relationship between what can and cannot be controlled. Richard’s hope is that his work utilises and creates space, suggesting movement and implying temporality. Here there is opportunity for the viewer to make their own connections, to read between the lines, filling in the gaps themselves within an aesthetic that wants to be engaged with. Richards work leans towards expressionism, where the viewer isn’t led to a conclusion, but is encouraged to make conclusions of their own.

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