Jiawen Gao

MA Photography



In nowadays, people tend to gender fuzzification, but I trust confirmedly that the essence of man will not be changed, no matter what happens. For physically, male’s skeleton and muscle usually stronger than female; for psychologically, male possess more masculine items, for instance, they steadfast, they powerful, they impulsive, they masculist, also sensitive. I really attract in these elements of male, therefore my project is focusing on male body, which shows the skeleton and muscles, through the position to read the story of masculinity.

My models are not quite strong because this project is not want to show the muscles and strength, these kind of body size are suitable to describe my statement, the essence of man. For woman, they attracted by male’s fascinating body shape, for man, to possess a good looking body is their purpose to go to the gym. This project is not like normal images, the emphasis is helping people to find out what kind of masculinity they are seeking, but not just muscles. Another hand, this project is also to record what kind of masculinity I prefer in this period.

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