Charlie Clarke

MA Photography


General Practice Photography

My work encapsulates portraiture in its widest form.  For me, portraiture is a replication and recognition of an entity.  In my photography I capture moments of emotion from the subject and strive to evoke emotion from the viewer.

A wedding is not only a common occurrence it is clearly personal to that couple and related family and friends.  To make such images of interest to others, my images focus on detail.  Whilst it is all about the couple – I want my images to evoke in the viewer the emotion of the moment as if they had been at the event.

I believe there is be art in agriculture. My images look beyond cute lambs to the structures and machinery used to cultivate our food and even the food itself.  I want to create a profound understanding of the work and heritage of Britain’s agricultural industry.

Pets and wildlife – portraiture of the non-human kind.  My images again are about detail.  This ranges from the definition of the tiniest creature to the character of a beloved pet.  I want to capture the detail of a beak or feather and the softness of a furry coat.



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