Bin Zhang

MA Photography


Night Walking: A Journey Home

Bin Zhang is a Chinese landscape and night photographer, who is currently a full-time MA Photography student at Nottingham Trent University.

These photos are taken when he walks alone through cities at night throughout the MA year. Although everything goes well for him in these strange cities, this does not help relieve the pain of being an outsider. He claims to be a “city internal exile”. He often feels sad, lonely and sleepless when night falls, so he chooses to wander outdoors instead of staying cozy and warm indoors.

When walking alone, breathing in cold, clean air, he feels more alive than ever. It is only late at night when he shares a connection with these cities – the endless loneliness. He has found these beautiful places which make him feel at home, but he also realizes this is merely a temporary comfort. The loneliness is like a disease that cannot be cured until he returns to his real home.



Instagram: nicky_binzhang

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