Yi-Ying Chen Ellen

MFA Fine art

Ellen is an artist who is intrigued with the colour Grey. She is inspired by traditional black Chinese ink which when diluted and applied to rice paper produces a variety of shades of grey. Layer by layer, the rice paper absorbs the ink and water.

‘Ember- Floating space’ is a performance piece. Ellen is trying to make invisible space visible through wax formations in water; something unpredictable and uncontrollable emerges in the process of conflict.

‘Ember- Floating space’ is translucent grey which forms in a water tank. Ellen is currently using paraffin wax, which is a new material that she recently discovered. From flat painting, installation of dyed roses, to three-dimensional works, the same few issues tended to arise. In some areas and conditions, grey becomes so intricate, but much more so with the liquid paraffin in the tank with water. In the live performance the melted wax encounters the water and forms beautiful unpredictable spaces. Space is built by liquid (wax) upon liquid (water), and then gradually this becomes solid when the wax hardens.

“An empty space is not the same thing as an empty place. An empty place is filled with space, as if space were the negative void that rushes in when a place is vacated” (W.J.T. Mitchell, 2002)





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