YaJie Jiang

MFA Fine art

YaJie Jiang (Sophie) is an MFA fine art student from Nottingham Trent University. Her work includes paintings, ceramics, installations videos and more. She is interested in the relationship that connects the material, artist and making process with one another. From wax to clay, she tries various different materials so as to explore her artistic ideas. Additionally, the making process allows her to be more aware of perception body and form. Her ceramic works consistently take an organic form in terms of shape, as for her, working with clay is a kind of dialogue between material and body. The shape is a record of the dialogue both from clay as well as the artist.

Ceramics has been an art form in China for over ten thousand years. It is considered the as the first natural material that humans could transform into a useful utensil. However, for the artist, the smooth and soft porcelain is a very special medium, as it captures each intricate finger movement. During the making process, the artist chooses to follow along with the movement and change of the materials, rather than against it; the work of art is the record of the dialogue between the artist and the material. Viewers are encouraged to discover the dialogue through these works.


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