Wei Bo

MA Photography


Lost and I found

I am focusing on the lost things which were usually left somewhere at some time, especially the relationship between these lost things and their surroundings. I usually don’t plan the walking route in advance when I take photos on the street. This is because that there are so many things happening unexpectedly every time, yet there is noting that can trace them on the street. So most time I feel lost of control, as being inside a wild and strange farm and there is no road sign to guide me, so all I can rely on is my instinct. In this way, I encounter these lost things.

Through the viewfinder, I am trying to explore the relationship between separation and connection. the separation, like the lost things, mostly, they are individual, at same time, the relationship is all about the subject, myself, and the viewer. All I trying to express my perspective and realize I am being here.

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