Ben McKernan

MA Fashion Knitwear Design

MA Project Desire Lines

Whilst studying at Limerick School of Art and Design, BA (Hons) Fine Art, I applied my skills to various fields such as photography, graphic design and publication. Growing up in a family textile business and having a passion for textile design, I intuitively connected textiles with design, which led me to study MA Fashion Knitwear Design. Focussing on technical knitwear structures combined with contemporary yarns and the use of industrial knitwear machinery, I set out to create a capsule collection of men’s luxury sports inspired garments which would provide quality contemporary solutions driven by longevity over trend.

My Project “Desire Lines” refers to the informal and improvised pathways that emerge in nature as well as in cities. More often known as goat trails, they indicate a preferable, or even natural path created by humans intuitively responding to a place.

Applying this analogy to my work and using this year as a transitional period from painting to knitwear design my main approach is to highlight simplicity and texture and to embrace the technical challenge of knitwear.

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