Yun Yu

MA Fashion Design


MA Project: Blurring the Boundaries: An Investigation into Gender-neutral Fashion

This gender – neutral collection blurs the boundaries between a masculine and feminine celebrating individuality. I establishing the need for a gender – neutral collection based on extensive market and consumer research that challenges normal men’s and women’s fashion products, with contemporary decorative textures using bonded tailoring fabrics, and laser cut abstract motifs. Layering textures inspired by geology and nature led to an in-depth investigation of natural and man – made fabrics and modern techniques for textile applications using experimental approaches to develop innovative texture applications through bonding and laser cutting techniques. High quality fabrics, finishes and attention to details are combined with creative pattern cutting that focuses on tailoring and layering. Colour branding, packaging and promotion have all been explored in relation to a non masculine – feminine perspective.

YUN YU produced a high-end RTW collection for a global gender – neutral market challenging in traditional boundaries in different cultures and religions, and promotes the coexistence of difference and diversity. The gender – neutral fashion market and the speed of progression of change within attitudes and behaviours appears to be defining radical advancements in fashion design. This genderful collection meets the needs of contemporary consumers’ attitudes.

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