Xiao-tong Qin

MA Fashion Design


MA Project: Hidden Identity

The human is a complex creature, each individual develops their own characteristics and changes with feelings and emotions. Fashion design can communicate identity whether to represent our culture, our religion, or an individual’s personality, but do the clothes we wear truly reflect our actual emotions and feelings?

Some part of character people want to show to other people, to the world, it is more like a ‘public identity’, but also some part of identity they want to hide, like a secret side, only belong to themselves, it is very personal and private, but it is also very unique and colorful.

So how can fashion design reflect the true personal identity of the wearer, incorporating normally hidden feelings and emotions?

This project will focus on both hiding and exposing individual’s identity to develop the relationship between clothing and the wearer, and how an individual feels and experiences the function of clothing. I will explore how these can be expressed through silhouette, detail, fabric and print design, which will be developed from my own expressive paintings.

My target consumers are young women aged 25 to 35. In this age group, women have strong demand for beautiful things, eager to show their unique side, and express their unique identity.

After my postgraduate course, I will return to Beijing and open an independent design studio. The research on this topic will be of great help to my future planning.


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