Thitiporn Nirunvichaya Peay

MA Textile Design Innovation


MA Project: Planet Peay

Planet Peay” is inspired by the Thai fairy tale, The Forest Himmapan. The story is about a forest that Thai Buddhists believe is located deep in the Himalayan Mountains and is the habitat of fantasy animals that have never been seen before on earth. These mythical creatures are related to, but different versions of the following species: Ghilen, Deer, Horse, Ramad, Erawan elephant, Bird, Fish, Crocodile, etc.

I have created my own fantasy animals using the technique of collaging photographs of living and historical animals. Using these specimens as a starting point for my own menagerie, I have developed a series of creatures diverse using drawing, painting and CAD; integrating contrasting patterns based on skins feathers and textures. I have also combined interactive materials within some of my designs, such as lighting (LED’s), vibration (LILY pads) and colour changing effects (thermochromics) to introduce strange sensations and tactile qualities into my sensorial environment. Growing up on Planet Peay presents young children (0-6) and adults (16-20) with new ways to experience interiors and accessories, while allowing them to be youthful.

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