Sophie Neff

MA Fashion Knitwear Design



An accessible, functional knitwear line, focused on contemporary design and identity as well as diversity and a variety of needs


To reflect diversity in our society, fashion should deal with every kind of individual, irrespective of their physical ability. `Inclusive Knits’ exploits this topic, by developing a different viewpoint and by providing alternative solutions. The project deals with the particular requirements of wheelchair users towards the design of their clothes.  By applying  various knitwear structures in one garment, the use of appropriate yarn and the development of an inclusive pattern cutting methods  ‘Inclusive Knits’ addresses a niche market, where disability is regarded as an aesthetic and artistic possibility to inspire new patterns, shapes and silhouettes.

Key words: Inclusive design, Technology, contemporary design, fashion knitwear, disability

About Me:

My primarily interests are the connection of design and technology and how consumer can inspire the design process. Being naturally inquisitive, ambitious and able to think laterally I am, therefore, always open minded about new methods, evaluations and new ways of designing. I strongly believe that working in a team, meeting with experts across boundaries can strengthen research and produce resolved garment solutions. Combining industrial knitting, yarn dyeing and finishing methods with my background, I aim to create an interdisciplinary, streamlined knitwear collection.


Sophie Neff, Fashion and Knitwear Design


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