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MA Project: artificilae/matter

‘MUUNA’ presents ‘artificilae/matter’, a speculative project which offers a vision of mankind’s complex relationship with the elements in which science has been harnessed in an alchemic fashion to synthesize amalgamated matter, yielding new dimensions of material.

Crystals are grown from woven and embroidered fabrics to create mineral surfaces of cultivated embellishment. Three collections are offered; ‘Aether’, ‘Ionic’ and ‘Obsidian’, curating an ethereal, raw and refined aesthetic. This unique treatment of material sheds a new perspective on the future of the development of textiles, spanning a variety of contexts.

‘MUUNA’ is an experimental ‘materials’ studio led by designer and artificer Hannah Croft. Through her practice Hannah allows for a method of creation which is dynamic and intuitive. A sensory and exploratory approach to fabrication combines her training as an embroidery and woven textile designer and fuses craftsmanship, artistry and innovation; presenting visionary concepts translating across the arts.

Hannah Croft

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