Martin John Bonney

MA Textile Design Innovation

MA Project Idiosyncratic
An embroidery designer by training, Martin John Bonney explores the most original materials, combining traditional textile techniques with an innovative cross discipline approach. Fusing method with concept, to create sophisticated embellishments with a fashion focus.
A graduate of Nottingham Trent University, UK – MA Hon’s Textile Design Innovation, embroidery and print design; traditional textile techniques such as, Embroidery; machine, hand and multi-head, Print; heat press, screen and digital printing. His approach is creative and cross disciplinary, influenced by a greater cultural perspective towards design and the arts and this awareness is present in the designs at various levels.
During his MA he has become involved in sustainable approaches to achieve high-end finishes using these methods but not limited to them. His tactile approach, challenges methods creating 2D, 3D details and raised surfaces. His current work is rooted in menswear, pushing the understanding of textiles and design and its function within fashion. He has been developing engraved techniques and laser technology for denim, and other engineered textiles for fashion forward companies and individuals questioning marks and surface substrates.
Martin is fully trained in digital/ hand print and embroidery with a philosophy firmly established in textile developments. Based in Singapore since 2011 he travels regularly to HK and Europe for trade fairs and cultural trips around the world. Being a British expatriate in Singapore and having lived in many countries, he has a universal understanding towards design and the industry. His work and personality reflects this diverse exposure.

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