Maisie B Williamson

MA Textiles Design Innovation


MA Project: The Marks of Life

I am a kitted textiles designer, maker and artist driven by a love of creating beautiful fabrics that are texturally interesting, often using combined materials, fibres and yarns which create a rich surface pattern and are executed to a high standard, with strong technical ability. My work is often influenced by a strong narrative, which adds meaning and depth to research and a clear creative perspective.

My MA project has been all about skin and its relationship with cloth. I have examined the temporary marks left behind on skin from fabric while also taking into consideration the life of the fabric itself.  Using photography and drawing as a way of communicating my ideas I have been able to develop three main themes within my work that I have turned into fabric collections; Delicate- formed around the close intimate relationship between skin and fabric expressed through research on underwear and stockings, Graphic- examines the fetishized body adding contrast to the soft by being bold and textural, Line- developed from the importance of drawing as a form of communication.

My work seeks to inform and educate to keep the craft of knitting alive, learning from the old and taking that through into the new.

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