Lisa Shawgi

MA Fashion Knitwear Design



The aim of the project is to design future fashion through the medium of knitwear to enhance the well being of a Raynaud’s sufferer. It will explore the possibilities of discovering the balance between the function and aesthetic of a contemporary knitted garment through fabric experimentation of considered yarns, knit techniques and engineering of fit. By employing certain research methodologies (such as Hepatic and Human Centred Design methods) the project’s goal is to respond to the user’s requirements identified via medical case studies, questionnaires, focus groups and interviews of Medical Consultants and Raynaud’s sufferers.

After gaining valuable experience under the names of several fashion designers, I devoted all of my efforts in to launching my own contemporary women’s knitwear label in 2009. At the height of the recession, this proved a daring and bold move, however it allowed me the opportunity to think laterally and overcome challenges to establish a definitive knitwear label. During this period, an interest in delving in to the possibilities of merging science and design to craft bespoke knitwear developed, leading to undertaking an MA in Fashion Knitwear Design at NTU. It was here I honed my skills in new research methodologies, knitwear technology, interdisciplinary relationship activities and the building of an external communication network.

Lisa Shawgi

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