Junzaburo Iwasawa

MA Fashion Design


MA Project: Transformative Fashion

Junzaburo Iwasawa creates transformable garments.  These garments do not conform to societies stereotypes, they are gender fluid, classless and adaptable. He encourages the wearer to change their look not by changing their clothes, but by transforming their clothes.  Japanese geometric pattern cutting allows him to design unisex garments – the Kimono is after all the same shape for men and women the difference is in how they wear and style it. Junzaburo’s garments allow the wearer to experiment with this idea, to shape the garment, re- shape the garment, to adjust it to suit their needs. Through the gender neutrality of his clothes Junzaburo hopes that the wearer can express their own identity and not the one that society dictates.

E-mail: iwasawaj@gmail.com

Blog: junntu.wordpress.com

Website: http://junzaburo.wix.com/jun3

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