Inês Oliveira

MA Fashion Knitwear Design


MA Project: Tracing Memories

Originating from Barreiro, Portugal I graduated with a B.A Degree in Fashion Design from the University of Architecture of Lisbon in 2015. For my Masters Degree I challenged myself to acquire knowledge in an area that I have always had a strong interest in but never explored before; Fashion Knitwear Design.

My project explores the relation between memories and object attachment and how it can be translated into a Zero-waste Fashion Knitwear collection. The key focus centres on my fragmented memories and also in my material memories and the role they have had and still have in my experience in life and in my self-concept.

I am interested in the idea of using materials in a smart and efficient way; with the intention of using fabric to its fullest. This interest led me to the notion of zero-waste, where creative pattern making is the main design process and, as a consequence to the concept of making a capsule collection based on it. I approached the waste created by the industry, eliminating fabric waste through the creation of zero waste patterns, made from the same basic geometric figure; a rectangle.




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