Guo Ying

MA Fashion Design


MA Project: Young wild free

A sportswear influenced womenswear brand inspired by hip-hop culture from the early 70’s South Bronx, NYC, through to current global influences that expend the attitude of the life, dreams and love of the rappers, b-boys, DJs and graffiti artists.

Lyrics and graffiti combine to inspire the ready-to-wear, casual-sport luxury collection where digital prints collide with embroidered branding and laser cutting. Colors are vivid and represent the vibrant and upfront. No messing array of personalities from the hip-hop world.

Coming from China, one of the few places in the world where hip-hop has only been for the underground, but represents the younger generation fighting to make hip-hop culture part of their world, Guo has always been inspired by, music… and in particular by Hip-Hop. Unfortunately, Guo’s interest in this Western music and culture style was discouraged but to her hip-hop is a pursuit of freedom and she hopes through it, to encourage all young people to be “young, wild and free.”

It is Guo’s intention to gain for opportunities to work for high-end designers in the UK, US and Europe before returning to China where she plans to set up her own label targeted at a global womenswear market.

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