Esther Rigg

MA Textile Design Innovation
Paul Smith Scholar


MA Project: Handcrafted

The concept behind my work is an exploration of the use of contrasts through the creation of hand crafted textiles, combining traditional and digital techniques to create innovative fashion surfaces and textures. Initial inspiration comes from hand-drawn imagery gathered during a six-week visit to Japan, on a Paul Smith Scholarship. Capturing elements of repetition and pattern from everyday scenes, contrasting the traditional and ornate with the modern and functional; geometric with natural.

This in turn has inspired a collection of imagery which forms the basis of my textiles. Further experimentation of contrasting visual and tactile qualities has led to combined applications of screen-print, digital-print, laser cutting, hand and digital embroidery and novel bonding techniques. The core collection is aimed at the high-end RTW market and features bonded surfaces with elements of print and embroidery, complimented by a set of diffusion designs inspired by these layered fabrications, edited to provide a more accessible range of printed fabrics.

As an aspiring fashion print designer, this year of MA study has enabled me to develop and expand upon skills I previously learnt during a BA Fashion degree. I have furthered my knowledge of a range of textile techniques, particularly screen and digital print, considering how these can be manipulated and integrated with other processes to create hand crafted substrates that imbue garments with longevity.


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