Albert Alexander Krug

MA Fashion Knitwear Design
Paul Smith scholar


Master Project: Reshaping Bodylines

Three male body shapes, Langer’s Lines, Silhouette enhancing knitwear.


Today’s knitwear industry designs menswear jumpers, without taking into consideration that there are different male bodyshapes: Ectomorph (tall and skinny), Mesomorph (muscular) and Endomorph (voluptuous). Each of these bodyshapes have different silhouettes and problem areas that need to be attended to in detail.

The diversity in male body shapes should be reflected in kitwear designs that are specifically engenieered to fit each body type, taking into account body parts that can be improved, to achieve an overall more balanced silhouette.

Reshaping bodylines develops a different viewpoint on male bodyshapes  by using the Langer’s Lines, which define the direction within the human skin, providing an alternative solution to designing jumpers that achieve the best possible fit  by improving certain body parts. In relation to the Langer’s Lines, the concept of horizontal, vertical, diagonal and narrow versus broad lines are applied to create garments that distract from problem areas and emphasis parts of the body, such as the shoulders, to improve the overall silhouette.


I am a self-taught knitwear designer, who studied architecture  and has a primary interest in garments that are sculptural. This interest has been developed further in my current Master Project by using voluminous and tight fitting knitstructures. It is the contrast between the two, that allows to create silhouette enhancing jumpers.


Albert Krug, Knitwear Designer

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